Alexandra Ellen Appel, Gaia’s daughter
born in NYC immigrated to Sonoma County
tear gassed with the best in 1960’s Berkeley,
writing to make the planet a better place since.

Catharine Bramkamp lives in Sonoma County. She is a live long writer, her recent novel is Woman on the Verge of Wyoming.

Emma Ann teaches hard science. She lives out loud in Northern California.

Gary Davis lives in the woods on a small island in Puget Sound with his wife of 22 years. His poems often appear in the local paper, The Evening Star.

Terry Ehret teaches writing workshops in Sonoma County and is co-founder of Sixteen Rivers Press. A new collection, Lucky Break, will be released in 2008.

judi goldberg uses words wherever she can and often when she shouldn’t.

A poet and publisher, Dixie Lewis is inspired by nature and encouraged by the stories of others.

leslie hoffman, high desert poet, editor, photographer, and crystalflier to celestial spaces.
Jodi L. Hottel’s work has been published in the English Journal, The Dickens, and anthologies from the University of Iowa Press, Tebot Bach, and the Healdsburg Arts Council.

Miki Hsu Leavey. This California native graduated from Wheaton College with an English degree. She is a painter and artist living in Napa.

Arlene L. Mandell, a retired N.J. English professor, has been published in more than 275 national and regional literary magazines.

Carolyn Matson - Self expression in any creative form can only reach its truth if the artist is courageous enough to share it.

Lynn Millar had chaps and vest as a child. Now writes non-cowboy novels.

Christopher Mulrooney has written verse in Beeswax, Merge, and Parcel, criticism in Small Press Review, Elimae, and The Film Journal.

Barbara Simmons is a San Jose poet who loves to dance with words.

Marianne Ware turned 71 this year and, in a frenzy of “latter day” writing, has completed a poetry collection, a novel, and a book of short stories that she hopes will soon be published.