Contributor Bios

Linda Bielwoski’s poetry appears worldwide.  She spends her time devouring the works of Benedictine monastics and learning about life from feline companions.

Favorite quote of Chuck Hayworth, age 72:  “There is not enough darkness in all the world to put out the light of one small candle.”

Tong Huang was born in Beijing, China, in 1964.  She came to the U.S. in 1991 and now makes her home in California.

Philip Keogh is an Australian short story writer and poet whose writing explores the themes of grief and loss, spirituality, trauma and crime.

Sally Lewis, grandmother, naturalist, photographer and family historian, lives at “La Cresta” where she shares her wisdom and stories of “the ghosts” with family and friends.

Shelton C. Lewis is a mountain man by nature, a medicine man by circumstance, a man of realization by choice.

Lynn Millar swears/supposes she is a writer/poet/hack full of words/thoughts/pictures that she must/can share/covet/free.

Christopher Mulrooney’s  poems have been published in Los Angeles Journal, California Quarterly, Convergence, The Landing, Color Wheel, and Voices Israel.

Jo-Anne Rosen is a book and website designer.  Her stories have appeared in literary journals and zines.

Marianne Ware taught at Santa Rosa Junior College for 20 years, publishing work in literary journals and receiving an NEA grant for fiction writing.

Laura Wolfe lives and writes in New York City.  She is 23.

Barry Wynn mere cubicle lemming in America’s Vast Industrial Complex.  Manages to catch a wave now and again.