INTRODUCTION: remembering PenHouseInk


Resourceful Scorpio was rising at 3:00pm on July 21, 2000 when four Sonoma County writers midwifed PenHouseInk. The Sun and Venus were in nurturing Cancer, Mars in risk-taking Leo, all in the 9th house of publishing. Powerful Pluto was in idealistic Sagittarius in the 1st house of physical manifestationthe ladies of the PenHouse have since published three books. Truth-seeking Jupiter was in Gemini, the writer; Mercury, planet of communication, was in tenacious Cancer in the 8th house of self-mastery and shared resources. Blessed by the Moon Goddess, our ruling planet cradled in compassionate Pisces in the 5th house of creativity.


off the hook musing wanting waiting it started
once upon a time chasing serendipity dressed as a
couldn'tstaylongwriter who'd put up a sign
"writing class 10 weeks $60" sodicey but the possibility taunts&haunts and it would be nothing new writing and talking writing and reading but nothing new is the lie we tell it was unmasking and revision it was reformation
and a kickintheass it was willingness nevermind
editing and now, simply, it's the relentless litany of
come as you are go as you will

we had no choice hatching the PenHouse but
it laid its own damn self


It's the cluckings in the HenHouse as we lay our eggs, some have hatched, some haven't. 
It's the LightHouse beacon keeping us on course
through tumors, depression, madness, loss
and reminding us we are out to sea but not alone.
It's the being called forth from the rooftop of the PentHouse
to let go/hang on, the willingness to not just come but to show up week after week. 
It's the relentless pursuit that sometimes ends in edits that leave only a single word. 
Most of all the PenHouse is the Ink I use to take myself seriously as a writer.


Scribo: I write.  Lifetime.  Taught writing five years, found it all-consuming, didn't write, burned out.

Dixie invited me: could Group and I work together as peers?  Years of weekly meetings: Dixie, Judi, Ingrid and I.  Leslie joined--we became a unit of five strong, diverse individuals, evolving.

Scribamus: we write.  We gave birth to PenHouseInk, tossing pebbles into the pond, making waves, patterns, ideasspreading, shifting, shaping, changing, carrying out our united touchstones, magical ideas, practical applications.

As we grow we hold out welcome to you, along with snacks, Gentleman Jack, Sonoma Merlot and fine writings.  Bring tissues...and laughter.

Scributus: you write!


It's where we meet each other. At the confluence full of ideas and wisdom that takes to currents, and pools on occasion to swirl truths that we entrust to each other until we send them back into the mainstream with the hope of reaching beyond who we are at any given moment.


volume 3